bio sensitive
Bioclarine Anti-Age

The result of a correct positioning

car air freshener
BelAir Arbre Magique

The goals of an alternative design

custom design
Body Scales Imetec

Customising a product and making it appealing

eco friendly

Brand architecture for the farmacy

intimate care
Fria Herbs

Functionality for an organic proposal

new fashion talents
Istituto Marangoni Milano

A variety of skills for diversification

professional skin care
Dibi Face

Targeted answers to specific needs

fast beauty
Fria MySelf
Actual needs or trends? How to handle them
luxury icon
Acqua di Parma

The character of a unique narration

roadshow marketing
Ditec Tour

A matter of style

quality at hand
Fria Utility

Quality accessible to anybody

beauty hair care
Bellissima Imetec

Style collection for technological evolution

wet wipes story

The face of high quality

luxury fragrances
Blu Med. Acqua di Parma

Narrating a mediterranean character

strong character
La Collina Toscana EdP

When distinctiveness comes from limitations

haute couture rules
Haute Future Fashion Academy

Visual identity for Haute Couture

anti hair loss

Name and identity for a trichological product

science and nature
Bottega di Lungavita

A story of herbal passion

car air fragrances
Nuvola Magica Arbre Magique

Fresh air in the car

personal care
Gocce di Cotone

A new shape for new needs

smart doors
Ditec Entrematic

Being part of a global group

heart explosion

Energy drink made in Italy

exclusive display
Dibi Gold Exhibition

Charming display design

it's tuscany
La Collina Toscana EdT

Craftmanship made in Tuscany

pet lovers
Pet Benefit

When a brand is made for them

high performance
Dibi Bodytech

Impact for professional cosmetics

carribean brand
Santa Clara

An all-italian identity

alluring display
Iris Nobile Acqua di Parma

The feminine side of display

Super Dren

Imprinting for phytotherapic solutions

sun protection
Sol Leon

Sunscreens created by nature

dynamic company
Diva International

A symbol to be recognised

premium anti-ageing
Dibi Gold Performance

The uniqueness of a premium proposal

bio cosmetic
Bioclarine Sensitive Skin

The delicate force of nature